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After a couple of years of conversation, research and development, GUS was created. GUS is a purpose designed platform that provides key safety and convenience features keeping you informed, aware and connected to loved ones in a way you feel you are there with them. Try GUS for 3 days free and if you like it, a yearly subscription is less than 30c (AUD) a day.

GUS is Australian in every sense including, initial development, ownership, strategic, operational and technical management.

Capability and Security
GUS is structured to cater for hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. Amazon Web Services is utilised given their durability, safety and security with a fleet of Australian based servers configured to scale automatically and meet demand of use the entire application and all aspects of integration have been carefully designed to ensure the highest levels of security with all data transmitted over a public network (internet) is encrypted



Everything GUS can do…

Global Search

Ability to enter a location & view incidents which may impact you, family or friends, for safe planning of your holiday or business trip.


Received regarding up to date news and incidents occurring in and around your location.


Provides your current location and allows you to locate important services such as hospitals, police stations, ATMs, public transport and more.

Safe Arrival & Departure

For when you are travelling between locations and wish for family and friends to monitor your specific trip.

My Location

Providing accurate tracking and location of your current position anywhere in the world.

Panic Alarm

When situations arise, and you need to send an assistance message to your emergency contacts, it displays your location, latitude and longitude.


Allows family, friends and work colleagues to track your movements and location in satellite or map format at your request.

Safety Tips

Section providing specific and relevant safety and security information for all travellers at your fingertips.

Other Key Features

GUS is in constant development and testing even whilst live. New additions and updates will be provided to travellers. Some of the current detailed features include the following:

Filter Search – Alerts

GUS has the capacity to be scaled up to a 3000-kilometre radius around your current location and up to 30 days’ worth of relevant incidents.

This allows the traveller to stay informed, active and prepared for incidents that have been on-going or situations that are pending.

Profile & Panic Alarm Contact Information

GUS has the capacity to add and or remove at any time, contact information of family and friends to be communicated to in emergencies when the Panic button has been activated.

There is also the capability to provide medical condition information for attending emergency services and EMTs.

Who is GUS for?

GUS is for anyone and everyone who wants that level of comfort in their everyday lives and inclusive when they are travelling locally, interstate and overseas.

From every day citizens, businesspeople, companies and travellers – locally, interstate and internationally, it allows users to issue access to family, friends, someone special or work and provide that level of support and comfort that someone is always there and watching out for them.

It’s global tracking via our maps ensures that you are safely and securely tracked when you want to in areas you feel unsafe or unfamiliar.

GUS will direct you to the nearest public toilets, police stations, embassies, ATMs and other key / critical points of interest as well as having the capability of finding your hotel.

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