Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a list of the most asked questions.


Does GUS work everywhere?

No, GUS will only work when you have an internet / wi-fi connection or access to a mobile network. (turn your phone ‘cellular data’ on if necessary)

Top 5 Ways To Get Internet Abroad

1. Get an international plan with your phone carrier    Good for short trips.

Using your own carrier may be the most straightforward approach to accessing the Internet while traveling. The key is to review and sign up for your carrier’s international plan in advance of your trip. Most carriers also have an International Day Pass

2. Buy a local SIM card – best for longer trips

3. Use public WiFi in your destination country. (The free option, if you don’t mind hunting around)

4. Purchase or rent a personal mobile hotspot

5. Use Google Fi.  (for Google Phones only)

Tips for effective use

  • in GUS ‘settings’ make sure your ‘push notifications’ are enabled & keep your ‘alerts’ on
- Don’t turn off ‘mobile data’
- Don’t turn off ‘co-ordinates’ in GUS Settings

If GUS does not appear to be working try closing the App and reopening it.

How do I update my ‘Profile’?

In ‘side menu’ click on Profile picture, then open ‘edit profile’ symbol in top right hand corner, complete fields including medical conditions and medications and save.

Where do I upload my photograph?

In ‘side menu’ open ‘Profile’ and then open ‘edit profile’ symbol in top right hand corner, hit + sign and choose a photo from your library or take a ‘selfie’ and save changes. Your contacts will see your photo in ‘Tracking’ and ‘Messages.’

How can I change my password?

In ‘side menu’ open ‘Profile’ page, scroll down and access the ‘change password section’ and save


How do I find GUS’ Alerts, Tracking and other functions?

Alerts appear on the GUS Home Page once the app is opened.  

The Home Page has ‘Global Search’ at the top and a dashboard at the bottom footer that has a quick link to, Alerts, Track, Places, Panic and Messages.                        

Alternatively, press the ‘home’ button on the side menu and choose desired function on footer tabs.

Can I search locations for alerts before I leave home and while I am away?

Yes, open ‘Home’, open ‘Alerts’ on the footer tabs and enter the country / location in the ‘Global Search’ field at top of page.

Can the search distance in ‘Global Search’ be adjusted?

Yes, open the filter and adjust the radius from 0 to 3,000 kms. (same adjustment for your in country alerts).

Can I adjust the time frame for ‘Global Search’?

Yes, open the filter and adjust the days from 1 to 30 days. (same adjustment for your in country alerts)

Which location do I receive ‘Alerts’ for?

Alerts default to your location and can be expanded if you adjust the filter on the alerts page up to 3,000 kms.

Can I view the source of the alert?

Yes, touch the drop down arrow next to the alert and view the full report.

Why should I purchase SMS Credits?

You should buy SMS Credits to receive travel alerts in the event there is no internet or wi-fi connection but SMS can be received over the mobile network. Recommended for remote locations.

How can I purchase SMS credits?

Open ‘Settings’ in the side menu and purchase SMS Credits at the bottom of that page.

Can I turn off SMS notifications?

Yes, in ‘settings’ turn off SMS notifications using the toggle switch and turn back on as required.

Can I adjust the distance for my push notification ‘alerts’?

Yes, in ‘Settings’ adjust the ‘Push / SMS Notification radius to the required distance from 0 to 5,000 kms moving the circle on line bar.


How do I find my location?

If you are lost, open ‘Places’ on the footer tab and the red pulsating dot will show you your current location. (or Open ‘Panic’ in footer tab and your location is shown at top of the page with your co-ordinates)

How do I find the nearest Police station, Hospital or other locations?

Open ‘Places’ and touch the menu bar located at the “top right” of the screen; select the ‘place’ you require; touch the ‘drop pin’ and a popover will open which has information about the “Place” including a link to open in Google Maps with directions.

How can I find my hotel?

Open the side menu ‘Find My Hotel’ , your current location will be shown by the red pulsating dot, enter your hotel name or address in the search field at the top of the page; Press search and a Drop pin will appear on the map, touch the drop pin and hotel information will appear with directions in your devices maps applications.

You can use this function to find any location besides your hotel.


Who can I contact in ‘Message’?

The contacts who you have granted tracking access to via ‘Send Access Requests’ or Received ‘Access Request’s’ from.

Is the GUS message function secure?

Yes, all data transmitted from GUS services is encrypted with 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer.

GUS messages are encrypted using 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer providing direct secure communication to your nominated contacts.

Can I attach photos and videos to my message?


Safe Departure / Safe Arrival

Let friends, family or colleagues know that you have departed and arrived safely to your intended destination. Safe Departure is located in the side bar, click on it, nominate the name of the person who you wish to advise (same as your emergency contacts) tick the circle beside the name and touch the red bar at the bottom of the page. Contact will be advised of your safe arrival when you open Safe Arrival and touch the red bar at he bottom of the page.

Emergency Contacts

How do I add emergency contacts?

In ‘side menu’, open ‘Profile’ page which is located on the top left side. Once open, scroll down and add ‘emergency contacts’ at the bottom of page and save.

Can I track my emergency contacts?

Yes, but you have to send them an invitation via ‘send access requests’ in the side menu.

How do I remove an Emergency Contact?

To delete an emergency contact, go to the “Profile” screen, you will see the emergency contacts listed at the bottom, you can swipe the row from right to left to reveal the delete button (same as sent access requests).

How do I find GUS’ Alerts, Tracking and other functions?

Alerts appear on the GUS Home Page once the app is opened.  

The Home Page has ‘Global Search’ at the top and a dashboard at the bottom footer that has a quick link to, Alerts, Track, Places, Panic and Messages.                        

Alternatively, press the ‘home’ button on the side menu and choose desired function on footer tabs.


GUS doesn't work when I'm not using the app.

In Settings / General: ensure the ‘Background App Refresh’ is on and the Wi-Fi & Mobile Data must also be on.

How do I add a contact to ‘tracking’?

In side menu open ‘Send Access Requests’, hit the + sign in top right hand corner, enter recipient email and hit ‘invite’ at bottom of page; recipient will receive an email / sms from GUS requesting they accept invitation. The sender will receive notification in ‘Received Access Requests’ when invitation accepted.

If the recipient is not on GUS they will receive an email inviting them to download GUS.

Can the nominated contact reject the invitation to be tracked?

Yes, the invitation can be either accepted or rejected by the person contacted.

Can I remove a contact?

Open ‘Send Access Requests’ and slide name of contact to be removed and hit ‘remove’. (You can reuse this access request to track another person)

How do I stop someone tracking me?

Open ‘Received Access Requests’ in sidebar and hit ‘deny access’ against the persons name.

Can I reinstate this contact?

Yes, but only by sending a new ‘access request.’

What do I need to do if the APP is reinstalled or updated?

You should open ‘Received Access Requests’ and hit ‘Reassign’ and you will be asked to either ‘Accept’ or ‘Deny Access’ to your device.

How many tracking access requests can I make?

On your first subscription you will receive 5 access requests in your subscription; for additional requests open ‘send access requests’ in side menu and go to ‘buy more access requests’ at bottom of page and purchase quantity required on line.

Will I be notified if I receive an ‘access request’ from another user?

Yes via email and push notification if you a current GUS user and by email if you are not on GUS.

Can I stop a contact from tracking me temporarily?

Yes, in ‘Settings’ turn off ‘Send Coordinates’ or ‘turn on’ as required using the toggle switch.


When should the ‘PANIC’ button be used?

It should be used to alert your emergency contacts when you feel your personal safety is at risk.

Who is contacted when I hit the PANIC button?

The persons / entities nominated in your emergency contacts will receive an SMS and an email with your last known location coordinates, address and the local time. PANIC activation alerts your nominated contacts. Your emergency contacts can take appropriate action such as contact authorities.

How many PANIC hits can I make?

On your first subscription you will receive 5 panic hits; you can purchase additional panic hits ‘on line’ in the field below the PANIC button.

How do I know the emergency telephone numbers in countries I am visiting?

Open ‘Panic’ on the footer tabs and GUS will default to the emergency telephone numbers for the country you are in. Touch the ‘on call’ facility if you require urgent assistance.

Safety Tips

How do I open the ‘Safety Tips?

Click on ‘Safety Tips’ in the footer tab, click on the topic required which can be expanded and scrolled down. (You can also access the ‘Safety Tips’ directly via our web site)

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